Saturday, July 19, 2008

Purple with a Purpose

Alas, there was a festival board meeting this morning, so I didn't make it to the farmers' market. I did, however, splurge on a Purple with a Purpose pedicure at Lucky Nails this afternoon.

The thing I like best about pedicures, other than the excuse to spend a restorative half-hour perusing Vanity Fair, is selecting the nail polish color. I'm fascinated by the fact that for years the bestselling color was OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress red. I've tried to google my way to the namer of that color to no success, as I'd like to interview them. Anybody know?


Paige said...

I had my first pedicure in FOREVER last week, and my toes are now Cosmique (a blue black from Chanel--fabulous.) I share your obsession with color namers, (and OPI's are particularly great) but my curiosity extends to paint colors, fabrics, and beyond--what a genius job. Write the New Yorker article!

Gina Hyams said...

Where did you go that had Chanel polish?

There already was a New Yorker article last year called "Made in the Shade" by Eric Konigsberg. I was bummed as I've been circling the topic for some time, but it wasn't the last word by any means.