Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catherine Niles's Fall Foliage Photographs

One of the voyeuristic thrills of Facebook is the window into your friends' friends' lives when one of your friends makes a comment on one of their friends' posted photos, which suddenly gives you access to a stranger's photos. These glorious fall foliage images by Catherine Niles of Salisbury, Connecticut showed up in my Facebook news feed when our mutual friend Nancy commented that they were breathtaking. I agree and am pleased to share them here with permission. Cathy doesn't have a website yet, but you can reach her at cenile [at]

Small Red, Big Yellow

Maple with Cotton Balls

Dueling Branches

Rudd Pond, Millerton, New York


Adam James Nall said...

Very nice pictures and an enjoyable blog.



Gina Hyams said...

Welcome, Adam. Thanks for stopping by.