Friday, April 10, 2009

Berkshires Cat Molly Needs a New Home

If you know of anyone with room in their home and heart to care for a cat, please spread the word.

A note from Jeffrey Borak:

My wife and I are looking for a safe, loving, caring home for our 10-year-old neutered indoor cat, Molly. Because she has been bullied by three adult cats we have brought into the house, we have moved her into a comfortable room of her own, isolated from the others but this is not a good permanent solution.

She is loving and affectionate, once she has learned to trust the situation she is in. She also is easily spooked by loud, abrupt noises - thunder, strangers entering the house.

If you are interested or have questions, I can be reached via cell phone at 413.281.2475.


Hit 40 said...

Cute cat! I hope he finds a home!!! I liked the photo of your family's feet.

Gina Hyams said...

Thanks for your kind note.