Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tales of the Cocktail

I'm writing a novel (there I said it in public, guess I actually have to do it) in which one of the characters is a mixologist. I would love to attend Tales of the Cocktail for research, but won't be able to get away this summer. It's an annual culinary and cocktail festival that celebrates the history and culture of cocktails and food in New Orleans, July 16-20, 2008.

I hope one of you will attend and send me a full report.

Mixologists, authors, chefs, bartenders, designers, and cocktail gurus from around the world will gather to present dinner pairings, cocktail demos and tastings, seminars, mixing competitions, and design expos for both amateurs and experts. Last year the festival used 7250 mint leaves, 3580 lime wedges, 800 watermelon cubes, 560 gin soaked dried cherries, 1390 orange slices, 2 tons of ice, and more for 12,000 sippers.

In 2008, new events will include a cocktail market, cocktail cinema, seminars on subjects including eggs in cocktails, absinthe in the modern era, beer cocktails, molecular mixology, and the first-ever International Symposium of Cocktail Shaker Collectors.


Tana Butler said...

Gina, do you know about the most excellent blog, Married with Dinner? Anita and her husband, Cameron, won Best Blog of the Year for Cocktails, I think. GOod stuff!

Gina Hyams said...

Yes, I don't know them personally, but I am a fan of their blog. Lots of fun cocktail lore.